Wet Seson Fishing in the Northern Territory

Wet Season Fishing – 3 Reasons to say yes

The build-up is when the humidity builds before the rain comes. Territorians like to call it the ‘Troppo Season’, because the humid weather can cause everyone to go a little bit mad. And mad we are, mad for fishing that is, as the build-up produces some of the most exciting barramundi fishing in the year.

While some people may think the only time to go fishing is during the runoff in the Top End (Feb – April), it may interest you to know that the season leading up to the run-off is also equally exciting. Not only are Barramundi out and about, but they are hungry too.

Here are our top 3 reasons to say yes to Wet Season Fishing!

Reason 1 

When the mercury hits the 28 degrees plus marker, you know the Barra are going to start coming out because, like most of us, they prefer the warmer water. So, warm weather = more active Barramundi.

Reason 2

And while this water is warmer, you will also start to see the bigger fish come out.  They know that at this time of year, it’s time for a decent feed.

The bigger female Barramundi, especially, know that date night is also on its way. When there’s a new moon, this is their mating cue and so after a good feed, it’s time for some action.

Reason 3

As the build up starts, and we begin to see rainfall, the fish also get a taste for the freshwater. This is a key indicator for them that food is on its way, as the crustaceans and small fish will start to flow in off the floodplains.

We love fishing in the Wet Season because it’s one of the best times of the year to catch some of the biggest and baddest Barra in Australia. We hope to see you here soon, so we can show you what we mean.

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