Getting There

Transportation & Transfers

While we can’t technically drive a limousine to Shady Camp because of the roads, it doesn’t stop us from ensuring a comfortable journey.

Choose from:

  1. 4WD Transfer
  2. Self Driver
  3. Small Charter Flight
  4. Helicopter Transfer

4WD Transfer

Our primary fishing destination is Shady Camp, located on the Mary River. Shady Camp is easily accessible by road and there are also light aircraft and helicopter landing locations.

Your fishing tour will include transfers to and from Shady camp on the day of fishing from either, Mary River Wilderness Retreat, Bark Hutt Inn, Wildman Wilderness Lodge or Point Stuart Wilderness Lodge.

Your pick up time will depend on the tide times and you will be notified at the time of the booking.

Self Drive

Self-driving to Shady Camp is easy and stress-free. After leaving the airport, you head along the Arnhem Highway, which is a long a smooth journey that will take you to the Point Stuart Road turnoff. After a short 40kms on Point Stuart Road, you will hit a graded dirt road, which you should follow for a further 10kms which then turns left and directly towards Shady Camp for another 15k. Shady Camp has free parking, camping and toilet facilities.

Google Map, Darwin to Shady Camp, link, here.

When self-driving from Darwin to Shady Camp, there are 2 petrol stations on the Arnhem Highway. The first is Corroboree Park Tavern and the second is The Bark Hut Inn (check for opening date). If driving from Jabiru, we recommend refuelling before leaving as the closest petrol station is Corroboree Park Tavern. There are no petrol or store facilities at Shady Camp or close by.

Transfer Service

4 seater 4WD.

Air Transfers

For a helicopter or light aircraft transfers, both options depart from the Darwin Airport and land at Wildman Wilderness Lodge, which is approximately 40 minutes drive to Shady Camp. There is also an option to fly from Jabiru.

A helicopter from Darwin Airport to Mary River will take approximately 1 hour and light aircraft, approximately ½ hour.

Minimum passenger numbers and weight limitations apply.

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