Christmas & Corporate Events with Wildman Fishing Tours and Barra Boatel

The holiday season is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

🎄 If you’re on the lookout for an extraordinary way to celebrate Christmas or organize a memorable corporate event, look no further than Wildman Fishing Tours and our esteemed partner, Barra Boatel. Together we’ve packaged a 3-day fishing, 2-night accommodation, transfers and meals package you won’t want to miss out on.

Unveiling Your Unforgettable Experience: Picture yourself and your group of up to 12 guests immersed in the breathtaking beauty of one of the best fishing locations on the Mary River, surrounded by pristine waterways and stunning landscapes.

What’s on the Menu?
With Wildman Fishing Tours and Barra Boatel, you’re not just getting an event but stepping into a world of unparalleled adventure and comfort. Here’s what awaits you:

🎣 Professional Fishing Guide and Services: Our seasoned fishing guides will lead you to the best fishing spots over three days, ensuring an exceptional angling experience. Whether you’re an expert angler or a beginner, we’ve got you covered.

🏞️ Stunning Views and Natural Wonders: Delight in the captivating beauty of the Northern Territory’s waterways. Every moment will be a feast for your eyes and soul, from meandering rivers to untouched landscapes.

🥂 Reflect and Rejoice: As the sun sets over the water, take a moment to reflect on the day’s adventures and celebrate the festive spirit of your corporate success. Share cheers and camaraderie with your group in an atmosphere that’s second to none.

🍽️ Delicious Dining: Your package includes all meals, drinks & snacks (excluding alcohol)

🏠 Retreat to Comfort: After a thrilling day of fishing and exploration, unwind in a fully air-conditioned 12-bed floating boatel. Complete with cozy accommodations, your private oasis on the water ensures a restful night’s sleep.

3 Days Fishing + 2 Nights Accommodation Event Package 

Embark on the ultimate fishing getaway with our exclusive event package, thoughtfully crafted for a group of 12 adventure enthusiasts.

This package includes

  • shared accommodation for 2 nights (with options for twin and quad configurations),
  • 3 full days of fishing
  • transfers from Darwin to Shady Camp Barrage, where you will be transferred by boat to the Boatel,
  • All meals, drinks and snacks (does not include alcohol)

With prices starting at just $2,555 per person, this all-inclusive package promises an unforgettable experience. Terms and Conditions apply. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to reel in memories that will last a lifetime!

About the Barra Boatel

Discover the perfect fusion of fishing excitement and comfortable accommodation at the Barra Boatel. Nestled in the heart of the Northern Territory’s picturesque landscapes, this unique boatel offers a haven for fishing enthusiasts and travellers alike. Immerse yourself in the thrill of angling adventures and relax in our cozy accommodation options that provide a seamless blend of comfort and convenience.

Shared Accommodation: Where Comfort Meets Community
At Barra Boatel, rooms offer the perfect retreat after a day of fishing and exploration.

Room Options:

4-Person Room with Bunk Beds: Ideal for group travellers, this room accommodates up to four individuals. Two sturdy bunk beds provide a cozy haven with clean linen, pillows, and towels. Sharing the excitement of your journey with friends has never been this inviting.

Twin Share Rooms with Bunk Beds: Our twin share rooms provide a cozy atmosphere for two. Each room features inviting bunk beds, clean linen, pillows, and towels. Discover the joy of camaraderie while maintaining your personal space.

Solo Travelers: For solo adventurers, we extend two options. You can opt to share accommodation with another guest, subject to availability. Alternatively, indulge in the luxury of a private room upgrade, relishing a personal haven amidst your journey.

Guests enjoy shared access to well-maintained bathrooms and toilets equipped with showers featuring hot running water, providing a refreshing experience after their fishing escapades.

The communal kitchen facilities are a haven for food enthusiasts, offering full cooking amenities such as:

  • BBQ,
  • grill top,
  • toaster,
  • air fryer, and
  • microwave.

Complimentary tea and coffee are available, and you’ll find plates, knives, forks, and all the essentials for self-catering convenience.

Shared Spaces
The breakfast lounge is a spacious communal area that accommodates up to 12 people, where you can start your day with a hearty meal and breathtaking views across the deck. For relaxation and camaraderie, our shared lounge area is the ideal spot to recount the day’s fishing stories, catch up on live TV, or simply enjoy moments of tranquillity.

Barra Boatel Guest Facilities include:

  • Airconditioning
  • WIFI
  • TV (Free to Air)
  • Shared Shower (Hot/Cold Water)
  • Shared Toilets
  • Cool Room and Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Lounge Area
  • Dining Area
  • CCTV

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Hands on Culinary Experience for Groups

We recently featured on Tourism Australia’s, events page, in regard to our group packages which we have carefully curated to ensure an epic adventure.

At Wildman Fishing Tours, we can cater for groups of up to 30 people, with our entourage of sports fishing boats. Included in our group packages, you can choose from:

  • an onboard culinary experience, where you will learn how to fillet your fish and make ceviche,
  • enjoy a private chef experience at a stunning location at the end of your tip, cooking up your days catch
  • take a helicopter charter to exclusive fishing locations where your fishing boats await
  • enjoy a gourmet dining experience at the Hanuman after your day’s fishing, where chefs will prepare your catch ‘Thai Style’
  • enjoy the thrill of a fishing tournament with prizes for the biggest catch

The sky is the limit with Wildman Fishing Tours, and nothing is too outrageous in our view. Why not speak with our team and learn what options are available to help ensure your group adventure is an epic one.

Read the full Tourism Australia Article here,


Need help using your Territory Tourism Voucher?

The Territory Tourism Voucher scheme, Round #4, is now on until 21st January 2022.

To redeem your voucher and save $200 on your next fishing charter with us, go to the Tourism Top End website, search ‘Wildman Fishing Tours’, choose your tour and then redeem at the checkout. Here’s a link to book. We’ve also made a short video to help you book online.


Alternatively, go to the Tourism NT Visitor Centre, ask for ‘Wildman Fishing Tours’ and present your voucher details. The Tourism Top End address is 6 Bennett St, Darwin City NT 0800.

A Million Reasons to go on a Fishing Adventure

The NT Summer Sale is back! But it’s a Summer Sale with a difference. This year, to keep visitors and Territorians safe, Australians who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can access discounts on their Northern Territory summer holiday.

To get in on the action and ensure our guests can enjoy the savings, we’ve made our tours available through NT Now (Holidays of Australia).

For details and to get book your next fishing & holiday adventure with us, use the following link.




Get your $200 Fishing Voucher

The highly anticipated Territory Tourism Vouchers are back, with Territorians dreaming of an NT holiday able to register to receive a $200 voucher from 8pm, Monday 4 October 2021.

Valued up to $200, the vouchers are redeemable on a $1 for $1 basis and can be used on multiple tourism experiences in the Top End. See the Tourism NT website for full details and T’s & C’s. Vouchers can be used to book fishing charters between July – October 2020!

This offer applies to Wildman Fishing Charters listed on the Tourism Top End Website. We have a range of options for 1 -5 day adventures chasing, Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, and Jewfish. Guest get to experience our luxurious 6 seater fully equipped fishing boat with all the mod cons. Link to the Tourism Top End website for details.

This year we also have a number of new offers, including our very popular, Fishing & Feasting package. This package includes a day’s fishing, with a night feasting on your catch of the day at the Hanuman Restaurant.

Contact our reservations team for further information and if you need help with your booking.

Meet Australia’s Wild Barramundi

The Wild Barramundi is an elusive game fish that inhabits the Mary River and Shady Camp, where prize 1 metre plus fish can be regularly found.

Shady Camp is the perfect destination, with its fresh and saltwater options. The tropical weather and connecting floodplains and creeks, make it an ideal breeding ground for the wild Barramundi.

The lifecycle of the Barramundi starts on the freshwater side. The sexually mature adults then migrate and spawn during a strong tide and full moon at the end of the wet season.

Tides carry their eggs into mangrove and tidal habitats until they hatch and are ready to start feeding.

Once teenagers, they will migrate back to the freshwater side or billabongs where they grow to adulthood.

Freshwater Barra are greenish-blue and the saltwater silver with yellowfins.

The Barramundi is an hermaphrodite and can change sex in their lifetime if living in saltwater. This usually takes place when a male matures at the age of 6 or 7 years and around 80cm.

When fishing for Barramundi, a 1-metre plus is the holy grail.

But despite their abundance, they are a hard fish to reel in. Known for their strength, they hit the lure with full force and then thrash their head around mid-flight, which some describe as a dance.

Reeling in a 1-metre Barra is a test of strength, stamina and true skill.  It’s also a very exclusive club, that is the feather in any sportsman’s hat.


Farmed vs wild Barramundi

Barramundi is an aboriginal name meaning the ‘large scale silverfish’ and is found along the Northern Australian coastline and southeast Asia.  It is also known as the seabass. They live in fresh and saltwater estuaries, which is where fresh meets salt, such as Shady Camp in the Mary River. You can tell their age by counting the growth rings on their scales.

In the Northern Territory, wild-caught Barramundi is harvested mainly along a small section of the coastline. Unlike the farmed Barramundi, which can occasionally have a slightly muddy flavour, the wild-caught Barramundi is generally a saltwater fish and has a much firmer and flakier flesh.

Wild-caught Barramundi, is usually the preferred fish of foodies and chefs alike, because of its firm, clean flesh and because it’s caught wild, it’s considered organic. Its consistency and easy to crisp skin, make it a popular pan-fried dish.

Because of the demand for this fish, the market is being pushed for more farmed aquaculture products. Farmed Barramundi not only comes from Australia but also Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

In the Northern Territory, careful management and strict regulations have made it a sustainable food source.

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