The Barramundi

Wildman Fishing Tours is dedicated to Barramundi fishing. This elusive game fish inhabits the Mary River and Shady Camp, where prize 1 meter plus fish can be regularly found.

Shady Camp is the perfect destination, with its fresh and saltwater options. The tropical weather and connecting floodplains and creeks, make it an ideal breeding ground for the wild Barramundi

The lifecycle of the Barramundi starts on the freshwater side. The sexually mature adults then migrate and spawn during a strong tide and full moon at the end of the wet season.

Tides carry their eggs into mangrove and tidal habitats until they hatch and are ready to start feeding. Once teenagers, they will migrate back to the freshwater side or billabongs where they grow to adulthood.

Freshwater Barra are greenish-blue and the saltwater silver with yellowfins.

The Barramundi is a hermaphrodite and can change sex in their lifetime if living in saltwater. This usually takes place when a male matures at the age of 6 or 7 years and around 80cm.

When fishing for Barramundi, a 1-meter plus is the holy grail.  But despite their abundance, they are a hard fish to reel in. Known for their strength, they hit the lure with full force and then thrash their head around mid-flight, which some describe as a dance.

Reeling in a 1-meter Barra is a test of strength, stamina and true skill.  It’s also a very exclusive club, that is the feather in any sportsman’s hat.

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