Matt Moran at Wildman Wilderness Lodge


Matt Moran, one of Australia’s best-known celebrity Chefs, recently visited Wildman Wilderness Lodge where he sampled some the local delicacies, including wild-caught Barramundi.
You can check out the video showcasing this magnificent region at the following link.

If you are lucky enough to catch wild Barramundi, then you will definitely want a good recipe to prepare it. Its meat is buttery and smooth, not like its farmed version, and well worth the effort.ย For some inspiration on preparing your Barramundi, the Matt Moran way, we found the following link online.

For those unlucky on the waters, do not despair, at Wildman Wilderness Lodge, locally caught wild Barramundi is always on the menu! The featured photo is the Wildman Wilderness Lodge signature dish, Billabong Dreaming. It includes wild Barramundi, crocodile and local indigenous herbs and spices.

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